How do I receive the leads?

We send out the leads to your e-mail inbox daily. You will then be able to view the day’s leads in a Google Sheet.

How often are the leads updated?

Leads are actively found and delivered daily, Monday through Friday. 

Can I change my subscription plan at any time?

Yes, no long term commitments. We understand business plans can pivot at any second. Just reach out to us and you can change at any time.

What if I have problems with a lead?

Please reach out to us with any issues. We do our best personally vetting each lead, but if we make a mistake please let us know and we’ll fix the issue.

At what time can I expect to receive my leads daily?

We send out leads by 10 A.M. Central Standard Time.

What product categories will the product leads be for?

We source from multiple categories such as Toys & Games and Home & Kitchen to make sure you have variety in the leads you see.

Will the leads only be for ungated categories?

Yes. We want to ensure that you are able to use any of our leads without having any prior permissions through Amazon. 

Will there be leads for restricted brands?

No. We have experienced firsthand the frustrations of buying inventory only to realize that we can’t sell it due to a brand restriction. Let us save you the time and money by making sure this doesn’t happen to you. 

How do I cancel my subscription?

You can contact us at any time (either on the website or by e-mail) and cancel. No long term commitments.