There are a few issues we find our brand partners commonly have:

1. Unauthorized sellers and MAP Violators

     MAP violators can reduce the cohesiveness and effectiveness of your brick

and mortar retailers by undercutting their prices

2.  Lack of time or expertise to sell on amazon

      Learning the ins and outs of amazon is time consuming, and is a

      job description in itself.

 3. Protecting their brand Equity against price competition

      A race to the bottom can erase profit margins if not properly prevented.


What value can we add to your Brand?

MAP Enforcement

  • Product longevity requires product control. We can help you ensure quality and exclusivity in your brand by helping you set up a MAP policy and monitoring your products, notifying you of any infringement.

Reduced Risk

  • Once your products is in our hands, we take responsibility for it. We pay for products up front and take the risk, and the worry, out of your hands.

Processing Facility

  • Our warehouse of shipping professionals guarantees that your products arrive safely and on time, meaning no headaches, and happy consumers.

Complimentary Services

  • We ensure your products gain visibility and a competitive edge on in what can be a cluttered marketplace by using our toolbox of complimentary services including SEO optimization, listing optimization and Product review and advertisement campaigns.


Complimentary services we offer our Brand Partners

Listing Optimization

  • In e-commerce, it’s all about the first impression. Don’t worry, from photo enhancement to effective copy, we’ve got you covered.

SEO Optimization

  • Our SEO expertise grows your brand and visibility. We take away all the stress and confusion, ensuring your product is being seen.

Pay Per Click Ad Campaigns

  • Effective marketing is the cornerstone of product growth. We fund the campaign and provide the management at no added cost to you.

Product Review Campaigns

  • Trust is one of the largest factors in a consumer’s choice to buy a product. We set up a buyer e-mail follow up sequence to grow your product reviews and help show that you are a brand consumers can trust.


Our Core Values

Building a Relationship

We focus on building strong relationships with each and every one of our suppliers, and are looking to create mutually beneficial relationships that will last for years to come.


With years of experience behind Amazon’s Marketplace, we have specialized experience in optimizing and marketing products on the platform.

Supplier Centered

Not all suppliers are the same, so we don’t treat them that way. Our Supplier centered nature means we explore what problems each supplier is having, and help to find creative solutions to boost their Brand performance.



Think our businesses would be a good match? 

We provide all of these services to brands we partner with free of charge!